Our history

We have always been committed to not being simple “suppliers” but Partners of our Customers in the search for the best solutions that fully reflect every type of need.

We deal with every request with flexibility and creativity, making the most of our production capacity and constantly researching innovative technologies and methods. We take care of the design and quality of our products without ever neglecting cost containment and the sustainability of the environment that surrounds us.

This is where Bysmart was born, from that desire to create innovative and flexible solutions, designed to give a concrete response to an emerging need. Currently, in fact, we reinterpret the concept of furniture to create an intelligent solution, designing and producing functional furniture to create your office corner or study, tailored for you.

Functionality and sartorial attention


All Bysmart furniture is fully customizable in size and finish. In this way our furniture can find its place in already furnished homes, or represent a starting point for personalized, made-to-measure and quality furnishings.


Our furnishings are 100% Made in Italy. They are produced in the headquarters located in Ferentino, in a factory that boasts many years of experience in the furniture sector.